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Harmonious First Notes


When a child first plays, the first notes are in many ways the purest they'll ever make, because they're the most fun. To create a life-long love of musical learning, we have to embrace the wonder we first experience when we first learn to make music. Then the formula is simple: keep the harmony of fun in balance with achievement.

Start with Love


At Zeng Music, our philosophy of music education is to lead with love first. No one wants to fail, and at the end of the day, music is hard. As a matter of fact, many consider it to be one of the only disciplines where mastery is elusive even to the legends, because music shifts and changes constantly. It can be frustrating to try and conquer music, especially for beginners and young artists. When we lead with love, however, practice becomes not about slaying a dragon, but learning to love a new and mysterious animal. 

Melodious Futures


It has been shown that those who play an instrument, child or adult, have better stress coping mechanisms, exhibit higher intelligence, and more efficient problem-solving capabilities, and live longer lives. On that note, we seem to think that teaching music to as many people as possible isn't just wise, it's philanthropic! Let's light up our world with glorious music and the beautiful bright people who make it! 

   Kate Zeng    
Founder’s Notes 

As a musician, farmer's daughter, and gardening enthusiast, I can attest that filling one's life with art and nature's beauty is a sure-fire way to live your best life. Believe in yourself and take each day to grow like a flower and learn something new. Maybe someday soon you'll be making beautiful music, too! 

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